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Writing/Reading Drum Charts (for drummers & non-drummers) with J

July 23, 2017
2:00 pm
California Jazz Conservatory

All too often, performances of original compositions & arrangements are hindered by the musicians' inability to easily read the sheet music provided by the bandleader of the group. Perhaps the most obvious case of this hindrance is with drummers, who can make or break an ensemble's performance depending on whether they can clearly interpret the song's style, form, and dynamic direction -- yet most of the time end up struggling with charts written by musicians with limited knowledge of drum notation. This workshop, open to all, will provide a deeper understanding of the principles of quality drum chart writing, as well as tips & techniques for improving chart reading skills. Non-drummers will learn drum notation, how to lay out a drum chart, and what kinds of information to include (with clarity & readability as the ultimate focus). For drummers, topics covered include basic & advanced chart reading/interpretation skills (including sight reading), embellishing existing charts, and speed-transcription/ shorthand. Jon Arkin is an in-demand drummer on the Bay Area jazz scene and is highly regarded for his sense of feel, touch and creativity in jazz and other contexts. He routinely receives high praise as an educator from students taking his "Musical Drummer" course at the Jazzschool.

California Jazz Conservatory

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