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Workshop with Holly Johnston

March 16, 2018
10:00 am

Holly Johnston offers a 2-hour workshop at LEVYdance focused on dance as an embodied practice of freedom. Dancing and movement are experienced as body's responsive system for health, healing, and creative expression. This work is for persons who are looking to dynamically recover from chronic injuries, bodily trauma, muscle tension, joint pain and nervous system disruptions, as well as for dance artists seeking to expand their movement research practices. Integrated Human Bodywork is a therapeutic somatic-based practice that creates lasting transformation in the body. Unlike conventional Physical Therapy, Holly's work addresses the whole person as a living system. She understands that wellness is not simply about anesthetizing pain, but rather about acknowledging it as a catalyst for transformation. It is not about minimizing the reality of your body's hurting - it is about maximizing your body's capacity to heal itself through movement. Dancing together can become a supportive resource in the fierce pursuit of our total aliveness. Moving through sensation and our living experiences we will create space for you to invest in your body's vibrancy, health, wellbeing and creative potential.


19 Heron St, San Francisco, CA

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