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Tiny Kingdoms II with Andy Touhy

April 22, 2017
10:00 am

You’ve set foot in the kingdom of flash fiction (the smokelong, the short-short, the sudden or micro fable) and now you’re ready to write more. A tale told quickly offers an almost addictive pleasure beyond its telling, perhaps because brevity and urgency invite return and close study, perhaps because in this compressed length we find the soul of storytelling itself. “In this one-day workshop,” says Andy Touhy, “participants will deepen their understanding of just how we fit a full and pleasing narrative into such a tiny space. To reach this end, we’ll be looking at a fresh selection of published flash, from the sharply distilled moment of truth to the extended joke, from the philosophic inquiry in miniature to the irascible dramatic monologue—all with an eye toward decoding the craft and art of their design.


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