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The Cooking Series – Class 1

August 7, 2017
6:00 pm

Our Basic Cooking Series is based on the best selling cookbook, The Joy of Cooking and lasts for 4 consecutive weeks. During each week, we’ll explore a different section of the book and discover how this book serves as a reference standard for countless households. Our discussion will not only cover recipes and techniques, but also hints on shopping storing and ingredients, tips on kitchen tools and so much more. During our first class we’ll begin the course with a simple Onion Puff canape. Next, we will cover one of the the most popular dinner items….roast chicken with pan gravy and garlic roasted truffled potatoes. For the chicken, we’ll show you how to prepare it using the Spatchcock method; taking out the backbone. We’ll also make an emulsion salad dressing that is perfect for any type of salad. If you thought you knew about washing lettuce, we’ll explain our method and why its important for crisp fresh leaves. And for dessert, a wonderful shortcake with berries and home made whipped cream topping. and a simple appetizer.


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