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Team Human: Douglas Rushkoff and special guests

February 16, 2018
6:00 pm
Gray Area Art + Technology

Autonomous technologies, runaway markets and weaponized media seem to have overturned civil society, paralyzing our ability to think constructively, connect meaningfully, or act purposefully. Being human is a team sport, and Douglas Rushkoff's Team Human podcast and radio show has been the voice of human intervention in the machine. Come join Douglas Rushkoff's Team Human podcast in its first live broadcast event, with guests including Howard Rheingold and Annalee Newitz (Friday), Erik Davis, Lauren McCarthy, and Josette Melchor (Saturday) in no-holds-barred discussions with Rushkoff about what it means to be human in a digital age. This is a live broadcast event. Late guests will be ushered to their seats when the program permits. Join the party, find the others, throw off the yoke of surveillance and manipulation and celebrate the quirky, anomalous behaviors and approaches that make real people so much more than robots, algorithms, or consumer profiles. This is where the conscious beats the automatic - an opportunity to redesign reality on our own terms. Come find out what, if anything, makes people different than machines, and how we can fight back against the stultifying effects of digital capitalism run amok. This is the first live gathering of Team Human, our last, best hope for peeps. ::Ticket Info:: Please purchase the ticket for the date you wish to attend. Pre-sale tickets are $20 per night or $30 for both nights. Ages 18+ to enter and 21+ to drink. ::Schedule:: -Friday, Feb 16th, 6-9pm, Rushkoff in conversation with: Howard Rheingold: amplifying minds and pioneering the net Annalee Newitz: author of Autonomous, founder if i09 -Saturday, Feb 17th, 6-9pm, Rushkoff in conversation with: Erik Davis: author of Techgnosis, scholar of esoteric mysticism Lauren McCarthy: artist exploring social and interactive systems Josette Melchor: Founder and Executive Director of Gray Area

Gray Area Art + Technology

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