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Sushi 101

July 29, 2017
10:00 am
ITK Culinary

Cookbook author Mari Suzuki* brings her recipes from her native Japan to ITK for a series of unique and tasty classes. Do you love sushi? Now you can learn to make it at home any time you want… without breaking the bank, or searching for special ingredients. Maybe you tried to roll sushi in the past, but it fell apart? No more! Now you can roll any kind of sushi you’d like with confidence. Our instructor for this new workshop, Mari Suzuki is author of the Amazon best-selling cookbook “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes“. Born and raised in Japan, Mari has been teaching cooking in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years and is eager to share her love of sushi with you! In this hands-on class, you will: Learn how to prepare the 3 key ingredients of sushi: Sushi rice, vinegar mixture, and nori seaweed Practice making: Maki-rolls (California rolls and nori-outside rolls) Temaki (Hand-rolls) Plus AdorableTeddy bear rolls and Flower rolls that will make you look like a rock star! This is the only place you can learn how to make them outside of Japan! Bonus 1: Make 1 minute home-made sriracha mayonnaise that goes well with sushi and more Bonus 2: How to make miso soup Best of all, we’ll be sampling all of the delicious sushi as we go! Mari‘s classes are exciting, fun, and hands on – you’ll get to practice each technique, and receive personal guidance throughout the class. You’ll also get to keep the instructions and recipes with detailed diagrams so that you can successfully make sushi every time at home. No more broken, unravelled rolls! Once you learn the basics, you can mix and match different ingredients to make all your favorite varieties whenever you want. It’s that easy! Learn Japanese tips and tricks to make sushi successfully at home. After this class, you’ll roll like a pro! *Mari Suzuki, author of “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes: Simple Time-Saving Secrets for Tasty Global Cuisine” is not a chef, nor a nutritionist, but a Kitchen Wizard. She whips up an infinite variety of delicious dishes out of thin air (her fridge), in no time — just like a magical Wizard. She considers herself a Cooking Optimization Expert, not because she has a fancy culinary degree, but because she’s just plain passionate about eating great food from all over the world, and figuring out how to make them at home with the least amount of time, effort, and money. A quick and cheap alternative to traveling across the globe! Having grown up in Tokyo, Japan, the love of efficiency and delicious nutritious food runs in her blood. Applying what she learned as Global Logistics Consultant at Federal Express, and as a Systems Engineer at IBM, she perfected the most simple, flexible and efficient home-cooking process — good for any kitchen, cuisine, or diet. According to her father-in-law, a former-quarterback from University of Wisconsin, Mari can eat like a football player, yet amazingly she still keeps her tiny figure and the vibrant energy of a 25 year old — even though she’s now 50. She believes the secret to her health and happiness is a balanced diet, food made at home from whole ingredients, and most of all, her Flexipe (flexi-ble reci-pe) bases.

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