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Socially-engaged Internet-art. Aesthetics of Information Ethics.

October 23, 2017
6:30 pm
Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive

Socially-engaged Internet art. Aesthetics of Information Ethics. with Paolo Cirio FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Paolo Cirio, artist, activist, and cultural critic Society has become deeply affected by advanced distribution systems of information. The social fields of law, economics, and politics are increasingly interconnected, while social norms, relationships, and identities shift at fast pace. In this context, examining art from a broader social context means working with a multiplicity of social systems and processes that the Internet activates. Socially-engaged Internet-art should maximize both social and artistic efficacy by distinguishing qualities, means, and ends of generating reactions from the audiences and subjects of the artworks. Ethics and aesthetics of working with online piracy, leaks, identity theft, privacy, fake news, algorithms, big data, and hacking deal with questioning boundaries, responsibilities, and consequences of reconfiguring, exposing and alter social relations within the risks of challenging institutions and compromising morals for artistic and social agendas. --- Paolo Cirio is an artist, activist, and cultural critic. His art embodies the conflicts, contradictions, ethics, limits, and potentials inherent to the social complexity of information society through a critical and proactive approach. Cirio's artworks engage power structures, global mass media, and the general public in Internet art performances that examine contemporary social, political, and economic processes. As a result of his performances, Cirio has often been subject to investigations, legal and personal threats by governmental and military authorities, powerful multinationals, global banks and law firms, as well as crowds of ordinary people. For instance, his artworks have unsettled institutions such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, VISA, Pearson, Cayman Islands, and NATO, among others. Cirio has exhibited in museums and art institutions worldwide with presentations of his research and intervention-based works through installations, prints, videos, and public art. His controversial artworks are often covered by global media outlets and he has won numerous art awards, including Golden Nica first prize at Ars Electronica, Transmediale second prize, and the Eyebeam Fellowship, among others. Participating Units: Berkeley Center for New Media; Arts, Technology and Culture Colloquia --------- Arts + Design Mondays @ BAMPFA is a public lecture series with the theme of Public (Re)Assembly. Berkeley Arts + Design features, fortifies, and mobilizes existing excellence in the arts and design at Berkeley, while fostering dynamic collaboration, innovation, and public access across all arts and design fields, on campus and in public life. Learn more at:

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