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Sex Worker Movie Marathon at the Roxie-In conjunction with: 10th Biennial San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival

May 27, 2017
2:00 pm
Roxie Theater

2 PM - The Struggle is Real All over the world the war for sexual freedom, economic rights and liberated gender expression is raging. There are casualties who are also warriors in Vietnam (Vietnam International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers), children who are also perpetrators in Singapore (Project X-Bully Boys), people dying behind bad fucking laws in the USA and Canada (More Harm Than Good and Decriminalize Sex Work NOW!); and as usual, whores and whore allies who are partying for the WIN in SAN FRANCISCO (Red Umbrella Rights)!! -LM Movies: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers- Shorts;Project X Bully Boys ;More Harm Than Good; Our Bodies, Our Business ;Violencia in the Media and Red Umbrella Rights 4 PM -The US PROStitutes Collective and In Defense of Prostitute Women’s Safety Project Presents: Movies to be screened:Les prostituées de Lyon Parlent – The Prostitutes of Lyon Speak by Carole Roussopoulos; Tales of the Grim Sleeper (excerpts) by Nick Broomfield. Discussion after the screening. Les prostituées de Lyon Parlent – The Prostitutes of Lyon Speak On 3 June 1975, 100-150 prostitute women occupied the church of St. Nizier, one of the main churches in the centre of Lyon, France. A banner was hung over the church façade ‘Our children don’t want their mothers in prison.’ The occupation was sparked by the brutal torture and murder of sex workers, and a police crackdown. Instead of going after the murderer/s, the police were handing out ‘“two to 10 fines” a fortnight and threatening women with prison. Within weeks churches had been occupied all over France including in Paris. The church occupations sparked the modern day sex workers rights movement. US Premiere. 45 min/1975/France Tales of the Grim Sleeper (excerpts) Nick Broomfield Clips from Tales of the Grim Sleeper which is a devastating expose of the lack of value police placed on the lives of impoverished Black women, many of whom were sex workers working the street in Los Angeles. Documents the case of the serial murders of Black women in LA, & law enforcement and officials criminal neglect, also campaigning by the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders for police accountability and justice for the victims and their families. 13:00/2015/UK 5:30 "Baby You're So Strong" Taken together these two documentary projects reveal a common depth of courage and creativity as sex workers grab the reigns of their lives and become leaders in social changed, informed by their history in overcoming adversity and stigma. FILMS: -Sunflowers of Nicaragua -Mixed Whore/Puta Mestiza -A Nation Under Seige- Moskitia, with Live presentation by sex worker activist and Film Maker Ercell Fleurima 8:00 PM Kaleidoscopic Game This program include more than 20 shorts primarily by sex worker makers, ranging from experimental work to explicit BDSM to short biographical pieces and much more. This collection is the most provocative, and includes time scheduled for audience discussion. See for details on all work. There are those who would try to stuff things concerning sex into a dark and secret hole. To consider sex work is to explode this shallow and facile Puritanism. Sexuality cannot be isolated and removed from the everyday. In this show a variety of sources yields an eclectic selection of short works by and about sex workers that span all concerns of life. There’s the charming bravado of youth (Lawless), and an allegorical tale of how the old hunger for young bodies (Flesh for Brigitte); polar differences in approach to legislative handling of sex work and the how each approach affects the work and the workers (Booking with a Sex Worker in a Decrim State and Sounding Aileen); from the angst of anti-porn theory (Danny Wylde to a prescription for salvation through porn in (Porn Yoga: So You Think You Can Wank); from hot, tattooed and fancy-free dancin’ on camera (All My Hoes) to a hard week at work for two people trying to provide the best start possible for a child (Funcle); from street based worker and director Victoria Schneider’s existential musings (Whore on Whore) to an extremely transgressive dance recital by the incomparable erotic performance artist Akynos Shekera (Twerking on Jesus)! Buckle up, Moonbeam! The kaleidoscope is shakin’ and it’s gonna be a wild bouncy ride. -LM 10:15 PM Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum Director/ Writer/Producer: Madsen Minax Producer: Paul W. Kruse; Featuring Eve Minax Local makers Madsen Minax et al have brought us a unique crowd pleaser. 'Kairos Dirt' follows the strange happenings of a pansexual middle school lunch lady and her multiple lovers, her religious co-worker, a genderqueer student, and a "jack of all trades" astrologer/phone sex operator/psychic medium. Through a series of collective dreams a trans-worldly being invades the characters' dream spaces, revealing an alternate realm of wanton, subconscious desires. Television monitors, radio frequencies, orifices and dreams all become portals to access this mysterious carnal dimension.

Roxie Theater

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