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Sea Witch Fest Day Two: Wax Idols, Down and Outlaws, Humid

September 29, 2017
8:00 pm
Brick & Mortar Music Hall

The inaugural SEA WITCH FEST is here! Join us for Day Two. F E A T U R I N G : Wax Idols Down and Outlaws (EP Release) HUMID DJ Corey Duffel Video projections by White Light Prism 8 P M - $ 1 0 / 1 2 - A L L A G E S Sponsored by Prisma Guitars and Lo-Fi Aperitifs Presented by Sea Witch Productions Day One: Day Three: WAX IDOLS // Wax Idols are a four-piece based out of Oakland, CA; their sound calls on the mutated aesthetics of varying strains of post-punk (songwriting elements from darkwave and Factory/Rough Trade pioneers, as well as the complex interplay and emotion of post-hardcore), without carbon-copying those who made these maps. Hether Fortune's powerful voice as the songwriter, arranger, producer, singer and guitarist is at the center, but this makes no other member of the band a replaceable element. Their work together is what makes Wax Idols' energy these days so vital. The band's recent single, 'Everybody Gets What They Want,' is taken from their forthcoming (and fourth) album Happy Ending, set to be released later this year. Happy Ending is a concept album exploring the posthumous consciousness of a fictional protagonist who can still fully perceive the world around herself. "In a grave, just for you," Fortune sings with a certain slyness, exploring the abstraction & finality of death from both philosophical and personal perspectives. She also sees this album as a way to process increasing anxieties & fear within the current sociopolitical landscape. This dual theme of political anxiety and personal experience is one Fortune began exploring in seriousness on Wax Idols' critically-acclaimed third album, American Tragic, which Pitchfork proclaimed "smartly unpacks a pretty universal experience--the sadness, nostalgia, and occasional euphoria involved in letting go of something you once cared about, even when it desperately hurts." American Tragic will be reissued on the band's label Etruscan Gold Records, with a limited-edition alternate cover & remix of the standout single "Deborah" by the band's own Peter Lightning. DOWN AND OUTLAWS // Down and Outlaws is a rock and roll band from San Francisco. Recorded in a marathon one-week session at Studio 606, their debut LP "Above Snakes" channels the restless, pissed off spirits of rock and roll history. As Above Snakes -- an old west term meaning "still alive" -- suggests, the band believes in music that's fresh, yet pleasantly unpolished; brash, but wary; accessible, but never cheap. With appearances at Outsidelands, SXSW, Noise Pop, and Echo Park Rising under their belt, the band's show is the source and primary outlet of that urgency. A friend recently commented, "I've been trying to record your set for months, but you're too fuckin' loud!" This music is based on freedom and escape from everything else that drags you down, if only for 40 minutes. HUMID // HVVMID is a five-piece rock group from San Francisco/ Oakland CA formed in 2016. They shred dark/pretty/catchy/post-punk

Brick & Mortar Music Hall

1710 Mission St, San Francisco, CA
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