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San Francisco Poets Theater Presents: Celebrity Hospital

May 25, 2017
6:30 pm
Contemporary Jewish Museum

Written by Kevin Killian and Karla Milosevich, "Celebrity Hospital" features a cast of Bay Area poets, painters, video and filmmakers, cartoonists, theorists, novelists, sculptors and curators. Killian and Milosevich have collaborated on three other plays, "Love Can Build a Bridge" (2003), "The Red and the Green" (2005), and "Dance World Gym" (2011). THE STORY OF CELEBRITY HOSPITAL Apodyopsis: the act or condition of sexual excitement caused by exposure to medical procedures. To protect the privacy of his clientele at Celebrity Hospital in LA, top surgeon Dr. Tim Baldwin admits only famous people. Even the doctors and nurses are (or were) celebrities of a sort. It's another typical day at Celebrity Hospital, as everyone, from Courtney Love to Kurt Russell and Diana Ross, is having work done, and ingenue Scarlett Johansson, avoiding stalker Woody Allen, spends a day in the ward observing and nursing in preparation for her new role in an Oliver Stone film about nurse politics. Then Dr. Baldwin and his staff are confronted by two grave ills, the eco-terrorists known as the Cult of the Black Feather, who demand universal facelifts for the poor and oppressed, and by a strange apparition, haunting the hallways and linen closets of Celebrity Hospital, that looks like a werewolf and seems to be after Hollywood's greatest and most ageless stars, most of whom suffer from apodyopsis--they don't really feel alive unless they're having unnecessary medical procedures. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Kevin Killian, born on Long Island, has been the de facto head of San Francisco Poets Theater for 25 years or more. Karla Milosevich grew up in Texas and lives and works in San Francisco. Together they have written four plays--Celebrity Hospital, Love Can Build a Bridge (2003), The Red and the Green (2005), and Dance World Gym (2011), and their next play will penetrate the free-ticket, mandolin-tinged world of the mysterious Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. ADMISSION: Free with Museum admission Image: Cary Leibowitz, "Applaud, Appalled," ca. 1990-91. Latex paint on two wood panels, 10 x 27.5 and 8.75 x 25 in. Courtesy of the artist and INVISIBLE-EXPORTS.

Contemporary Jewish Museum

736 Mission St, San Francisco, CA
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