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May 20, 2017
8:00 pm
Joe Goode Annex

Thur-Sat, May 18-20, 8pm-10pm all three nights Contemporary Dance Performance in San Francisco, California -To celebrate five years as a professional dance company, Tim Rubel Human Shakes will present RE; a series of reconstructed, re-imagined and re-worked excerpts from their existing repertoire. Audiences will experience work that is funny, satirical, and flamboyant, as well as pieces that are dark, introspective and political. Opening the evening will be an excerpt from their first evening-length work, Eroticize This. This excerpt humorously examines how gay men and straight women relate to each other in their collective quests for belonging and self-fulfillment. Following this will be a section from their 2012 piece We Have (Not) which was created in collaboration with dancer and video artist Sondra Kazama. Through movement, video and the use of clothing as a choreographic impetus, this intimate duet explores the meaning of value as it pertains to one's place in the hierarchy of the economic strata, and the affect this perceived value has on the body. Audiences will also see a re-staging of Excess Study, a shorter work also created in 2012, that satirically comments on the often demoralizing process of job hunting during times of economic crisis, when one tries to fit themselves into employment opportunities they are either under or overqualified for. There will be a section from the company's 2013 piece Here and Then, which juxtaposes feelings of restlessness and homeless in the LGBT+ community with stories from actual members of the community who find themselves without homes. Closing the evening will be the final section from their most recent work Menace, which they developed from 2015-2016 and premiered in May of 2016. This section is a dark percussive rumination on common everyday activities that occupy peoples time in one part of the world while torture and violence occupy those in other parts of the world simultaneously. Join TRHS for an evening that is sure to delight, inspire and challenge. Presented by Tim Rubel Human Shakes


Joe Goode Annex

499 Alabama St #150, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA
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