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PianoFight presents TWINS, by Stuart Bousel

June 9, 2017
7:30 pm

Thurs-Sat, 7:30pm, May 4 - June 10 PianoFight productions presents the world premiere of Stuart Bousel's homicidal comedy TWINS, a darkly comic docudrama sourced from Greek mythology but more relevant than ever in a world where violence often targets youth. Through a series of interviews and flashbacks we get the story of the birth and life of Artemis and Apollo, beautiful young gods who begin their existence as promising forces for light and evolve into terrifying powers of devastation, ultimately killing all the children of the mortal queen, Niobe, after she insults their mother, the goddess Leto. Ostracized from an early age by the other gods, unable to form lasting connections with others, the siblings see themselves as against the world, but in their alienation form a deep and lasting bond with one another that could prove to be their redemption- or our destruction. This dark little show, "May be the darkest thing I have ever written," says playwright and director Stuart Bousel, "It was born out of my love for mythology, my fascination with this violent and grotesque myth that I first read in grade school, and an adult fascination with documentaries and accounts of real world crimes and massacres. Though I set out to write something harrowing, I realized the piece would never get written until I accepted it would probably also be a bit of a black comedy, and if there is something I'm really proud of here it is the slow and unsettling shift of the piece as it moves from being ridiculously funny, almost absurd, to somber, and then progressively devastating. The first public reading happened just a couple of days after the Newton Massacre and despite the timing I went through with it because I strongly believe art can be very therapeutic at times like these." Presented by PianoFight


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