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Opening Reception for All Of The Light

December 9, 2017
1:00 pm
NIAD Art Center

All Of The Light, organized by Gina Borg

As we move into December, the days have been getting shorter, and we enter the darkest time of the year. Instead of relying on the sun, we create our own light. Through contrasting light and dark, subtle tonal gradations, or vibrating color contrasts, the works in “All Of The Light” either depict perceptions of light, or they create a light of their own.

Included in the exhibition are Saul Alegria, Eddie Braught, Raquel Charles, Arista Dawson, Julio Del Rio, Luis Estrada, Jon Fukui, Felicia Griffin, Willie Harris, Aisha Ivery, Julie MacDonald, Ann Meade, Martha Padron, Demetri Petroupolos, Dorrie Reid, Shantae Robinson, Jesus Salas, Danny Thach, Jonathan Velazquez, and Matthew Wilson.

50 Days 50 Choices: Catherine Haley Epstein

Over the past two years Portland, Oregon-based artist Catherine Haley Epstein has completed a self imposed exercise to make 50 choices per day for 50 days in reverence to those that died in Orlando, Florida nightclub killing in 2016. She made 50 choices on their behalf, every day after the event because 49 of them did not have a choice that day. An additional choice was added to represent the killer. Epstein has been thinking a lot about her responsibilities as a maker, and what happens when we live in an ungrounded time. She believes that our choices make and represent ourselves, as well as make all the difference in the world.  

Holiday Lounge 6

The studio has been busy as elves creating loads of craft objects. So, once again under the guidance of NIAD staffer and fantastic retail merchandiser Peter Gravener, we are filling the Storefront, and the Backroom as well, with seasonal items and unique gifts: quilts, coloring posters and books, baskets, monographs, wall hangings, tree ornaments, hats and scarves and mittens, ceramic animals and more. You’ll definitely something you want to give and likely a few things you’ll want to keep.

With free holiday treats and music spun by Bill Zindel


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