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Open Color Presents: The Secret Paths to Marina Fini

July 15, 2017
6:00 pm
Heron Arts

Open Color will present its third quarterly event on July 15th at Heron Arts in San Francisco, this time featuring the otherworldly Marina Fini. Fini’s latest exhibit, The Secret Paths to Marina Fini, is rooted in humans’ digital search for unattainable elements of nature. Online media’s saturation of nature-related content cannot satiate the desire for organic connection with our surroundings, and Fini will illustrate this theme through new works of art alongside interactive components. The installation will sit inside a lush indoor jungle full of palms, cacti and other plant life, complete with hidden altars of Fini’s signature plexiglass pieces. Illuminating neons and converted vintage computers spilling over with natural imagery will also be present amongst the flora, serving to highlight Fini’s juxtaposition of the natural and the digital. Additionally, guests will be treated to raw organic food and innovative spirits as an extension of Fini’s artwork. About Marina Fini: "At the intersection of fashion, photography, film, stagecraft, and design, artist Marina Fini creates hallucinatory, alternative worlds. Based in California, she collaborates with friends and artists alike in the staging of these otherworldly scenes, using colorful costumes and her own handmade, plexiglass jewelry to turn her photographic subjects into ethereal cyber goddesses. When asked how she builds these characters, Fini remarked, 'There’s something about transforming someone into someone they wouldn’t normally be … that is, creating an extension of themselves that I see in them.' All of her characters exude a captivating power, like the whimsical and intangible figures seen through a psychedelic dream. By exploring alternative selves in familiar contexts – a convenience store, or the Californian seaside, for example – Fini explores how subjecthood is fluid, and how such creative 'shape-shifting' can alter the way we perceive our immediate reality." - Hayley Evans, Beautiful Decay Fini's work has been touted by such notables as Baddie Winkle and Miley Cyrus, and has been covered by VICE, Dazed, Galore, LA Weekly, Nylon, and numerous other well-respected publications. “A multi-disciplinary performance artist slash photographer slash filmmaker slash designer, Fini... is most famous for her art installations that transform unremarkable dwellings into pop-up fever dreams.” -DAZED The installation is presented by Open Color, a new arts collective bridging the divide between the established and the underground. More About Open Color: Open Color was founded to connect emerging artists to both their cities’ established creative communities and the primary demographics fueling the overall local economy (such as the tech sector in our home city of San Francisco, the finance sector in New York and the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, among others). It’s no secret that creative communities across the country are suffering from a severe lack of financial support, even when a city’s overall economy is thriving. Our goal is to create a neutral space for three key demographics (established members of the arts community, underground creatives, and business professionals) to organically connect, learn about each other’s work, and subsequently grant the artists who make a city great access to the driving force behind its financial success. If artists continue to be forced out of major cities economically, art capitals from San Francisco to New York City will lose a cornerstone of their cultural foundations. That’s why we’ve been working diligently toward a viable solution to this dire issue. Our model for success is built around quarterly events, a digital magazine featuring interviews, photo spreads, art reviews and more, and a webstore (launching soon) that will include exclusive originals from partnered artists who share our passion for reinvigorating their local creative economies.

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Heron Arts

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