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Nude Summer of Love Parade - May 20

May 20, 2017
10:00 am
Jane Warner Plaza

see full description here: SATURDAY, MAY 20th @ 10 AM @ Jane Warner Plaza March begins at 11 am. Parade route: from Jane Warner Plaza, North on Castro, West on Haight to Stanyan, return: East on Haight, South on Castro, back to Jane Warner Plaza This event will be filmed by the Dutch Public Broadcast Television for their documentary about the Summer of Love. The documentary will air in Holland this summer. Please get there early to get body painted if you desire and to do interviews with the Dutch TV. Please wear adorments that are related to the Summer of Love and the hippie movement, such as flowers, peace symbols, flags etc... Dear body freedom lovers, our Nude Parade is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love! The Summer of Love was born in San Francisco. It sent such powerful ripples of love throughout our whole planet that it changed the world forever. It brought us a spiritual awakening of unprecedented proportions, which in turn lead to a powerful peace movement, sexual liberation, body freedom, women's rights, greater human rights in general, animal rights, environmental protections and other grass roots movements on all fronts of human existence. Let's shed our clothes. let's shed our inhibitions, our self doubt and self hate. Let's wake up to the love, to the flame that burns within our hearts. Let's show the world that we as the human race have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to fear. Let's spread love, body freedom and sexual liberation! Let's demonstrate that we are not afraid to be vulnerable, that we are not afraid to be free. Presented by Body freedom lovers

Jane Warner Plaza

Jane Warner Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA
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