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Nippon Nights: Hana-Bi (Fireworks)

June 29, 2017
9:25 pm
Roxie Theater

The brand new restoration of Takeshi Kitano's HANA-BI hits American shores this June! HANA-BI has emerged as one of the most consistently lauded Japanese movies on "Best of" critic's lists of the '90s. A bit of an underdog story, this movie, recognized as one of the best of a great period in Japanese, is a stripped down, simple, violent cop movie that propelled Kitano from being known as "Beat" Takeshi (a Japanese TV host and comedian) to one of Japan's most renown directors. In the film, Nishi (Beat Takeshi) is a beleaguered Japanese police officer. His wife, Miyuki (Kayoko Kishimoto), is suffering from leukemia, and his partner, Horibe (Ren Osugi), is paralyzed after gangsters violently attacked him. Nishi is fed up, and wants to give up his job in order to be with Miyuki. To do so, he is forced to borrow money from the Yakuza, and then, to clear his debt, he robs a bank. The Yakuza, however, are not pleased so easily, and they continue to hound Nishi for more money... to an explosive end. FREE OR DISCOUNTED FOR MEMBERS

Roxie Theater

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