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Nerd Nite East Bay: Crawdads, Swingin' A's, Greenhouse History

May 29, 2017
7:00 pm
Club 21

Join Nerd Nite East Bay on Monday May 29th for The Swingin' 70s A's Crawfish History and Cooking The Scientists of Global Warming Start your night with trivia games by Ann-Marie Benz and tasty food from The Lumpia Company, hear good tunes from Rubberband Girl AKA Small Wonder, support Swords to Plowshares and catch up with the Oakland Public Library, then grab a drink and a seat as the talks begin at 8PM. Early bird tickets just $8, tickets $10 at the door. Who’s Your Daddy? The Unique (and Tasty) History of Crawfish Lobsters are Red, Crabs can be Blue, Learn to Catch and Cook Crawfish, They’re Good Eatin’ Too! Discover the unique natural history of “the lobster’s ugly cousin” and its revered place in the culture of New Orleans. Break away from the industrial catch and learn how to capture your own crawfish, plus expert instruction on crawfish cooking and the critical “pinch, suck and moltin boil” that will help you crush your next crustacean meal. Lawrence McKendell is an expert on the history and culinary delights of crawdads. Raised in Orinda with roots from New Orleans, he’s also the owner and creative director of the web and graphic design firm McKendell Design and appears in the local weekly video podcasts “Scooberlicious Ultimate" and "The 510". Charlie and the Championship Factory The Swingin’ A’s of the Swingin’ ‘70s Facial hair, neon clothes and so much swinging: the Oakland A’s WERE the 1970s. Led by charismatic and perhaps crazy owner Charlie O. Finley, the Athletics won titles, introduced ball girls, hot pants and MC Hammer to the world, filled newspapers with stories of clubhouse fights, and brought hippie hair and handlebar mustaches back to baseball for the first time in fifty years. Check out vintage video of Oakland, hear how 1970s Oakland pride once centered on the A’s, and see how it all suddenly came crashing down. Jason Turbow (@DynasticBook) is the best-selling author of the book Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic, about the bawdy, brawling Oakland A’s of the 1970s that utterly transformed baseball. His books can be found wherever fine books are sold and Greenhouse Classes The Scientists Who Discovered Global Warming In retrospect, hints about the effects of fossil fuel combustion on earth’s climate have been scattered throughout physics textbooks for over four hundred years. See the “debate” about global warming and the greenhouse effect from a different perspective as we travel through history and see what Sir Isaac Newton’s constituent colors of light, Herschel’s work on sun spots, Tyndall’s study of gases and Svante Arrhenius’s first calculations on planetary CO2 teach us about the modern warming world. Avi Flamholz studies the origins and engineering of carbon fixation and photosynthesis in the Savage lab at UC-Berkeley. His focus is on how plants inherited all photosynthetic machinery from cyanobacterium and how carbon fixation and greenhouse gas removal by plants and algae can mitigate the effects of climate change. Doors at 7PM, Talks at 8PM.


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