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My Dinner With Andre (35mm) + My Breakfast With Blassie

May 30, 2017
7:00 pm
Roxie Theater

In 1981, acclaimed film director Louis Malle, actor/playwright Wallace Shawn and theater director Andre Gregory came together to make one of the most sublime, entertaining and thought-provoking films in the history of cinema - MY DINNER WITH ANDRE. Two years later, comedian turned wrestler Andy Kaufman, former worldwide heavyweight champion Fred Blassie and directors Johnny Legend and Linda Lautrec gave ANDRE nothing short of a body slam, releasing the remarkable but ridiculous situationist spoof MY BREAKFAST WITH BLASSIE. On May 30th, we pit the films against each other, with ANDRE's effortlessly elegant direction and philosophical intricacies going head-to-head with BLASSIE's caustic, over-the-top satire of celebrity culture, masculinity and personal hygiene. MY DINNER WITH ANDRE will be shown in its beautiful 35mm restoration, MY BREAKFAST WITH BLASSIE will be shown from analog video, with director Johnny Legend in the house. Whether you declare a winner at the end of the show or, like us, sincerely love both, it'll be an experience you'll never forget. Don't miss this remarkable pairing, $15 for one or both films, free or discounted for members.

Roxie Theater

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