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Mutt, Horrhaus, MoonFox at Ivy Room

July 29, 2017
9:00 pm
Ivy Room

Mutt, Horrhaus, Moonfox SAT ? JULY 29, 2017 Mutt/ Mutt blends riot grrrl, grunge, post-punk, avant-garde, and garage rock to create a dynamic, in-your-face sound with unexpected twists and turns. Formed in 2015, the Oakland based trio consists of singer/guitarist May Black, drummer Chris Maneri, and bassist Juli Sherry. Mutt came together with a common goal of creating a sound that completely deconstructs minimalistic songwriting while pushing and straining the limits and confines of each member's individual creative abilities. The result is a sound that is urgent, demanding, and menacing, with an underlying beauty that often abruptly pushes its graces through canvas of chaos the band has carefully curated. Mutt's writing process is rapid and collaborative and the sound is a direct reflection of its moniker; a noise breed from a vast variety of influences. Horrhaus/ Oakland's resident clairvoyant rockers, Horrhaus are taking the sounds of 70's punk and 80's alternative into the future. Heavy beats, haunted guitars, and strange melodies to frighten and delight. Moonfox/ When Danika Ingraham dreamwalks through the astral plane, MoonFox is the name the lost souls and Satanic majesties there know her by. They gift her with visions, and compel her to bring them into the waking world through the ritual magick of song. Depending on her mood, and the musicians she recruits to aid her, the sound might be dense and heavy, sparse and atmospheric, adventurously complicated or comfortingly simple; the only constants are Ingraham's introspective lyrics and commanding stage presence.

Ivy Room

860 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA
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