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MindFlow: Mindful Speed Reading Workshop for Test Takers

April 23, 2017
10:00 am

SATs/ACTs approaching with your time management and score, not up to snuff? Do you panic or get nervous before tests? If yes, this workshop is 4U! Increase your reading speed w/out sacrificing comprehension. MindFlow workshops are fun, fast paced, with guaranteed results: - INCREASE reading speed (to 5x faster) - BREAK bad reading habits - GAIN confidence - HONE focus - IMPROVE comprehension - RETAIN more materia - UPGRADE test scores! Stress management & mindful techniques offer ways to be more present and enter a 'zone' or 'flow state' while reading so you are your most relaxed and able to access what you've read and learned. Improvements based on words per minute & results typical! Hannah: 217 - 904 wpm Increase: 687 wpm Dana: 378 - 1000 wpm Increase: 622 wpm Grant: 122 - 380 wpm Increase: 258 wpm Olivia: 206 - 608 wpm Increase: 402 wpm "My daughter came home ecstatic, gushing that the MindFlow workshop gave her an edge in taking the SAT. She said it was worth every penny and more." -Ellis "I always ran out of time on the SAT. I read slowly and didn't have enough time to put as much thought into the questions as I wanted to, but by reading faster I can now get the passage out of the way and have more time to answer the questions." -Nate "I just have to tell you that I am totally geeking out. I'm having so much fun with the speed reading skills you taught me. Normally, I might read about one scholarly article a month and struggle through it. I read four tonight (and even skimmed a few others) and thoroughly enjoyed them! What is most surprising to me is that my comprehension and memory has INCREASED! Fabulous!" -Amanda, Licensed Psychologist MindFlow: A workshop for students of all ages!\r\n\r\nPresented by Test Prep San Francisco


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