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Mastering the 10 Key Scenes That Frame Up Your Novel

February 18, 2019
9:00 am
Hyatt Regency Embarcadero

Writing a terrific novel is a complex endeavor. And while there are hundreds of books, podcasts, and blog posts that teach aspiring authors how to structure scenes and plot out a solid story, none implement the most intuitive and effective method for success. Novels are made up of dozens of scenes, and regardless of genre, time-tested structure dictates what key scenes are needed and where. Most writers are familiar with some of those scenes: the Inciting Incident, the Midpoint, and the Climax, to name a few. But novelists need more than a few landmarks to find their way across the tricky terrain of novel plotting. They need a surefire method to organizing all their scenes. In this three-hour workshop, you’ll be introduced to an innovative, intuitive method for arranging your scenes and crafting a beautifully structured story. Nearly every great story, whether a novel, a play, or a movie, follows this time-tested structure. And it isn’t all that hard! The ten key scenes are your story foundation. If you don’t construct them well, your story will collapse. In this workshop, you’ll learn these crucial elements of novel structure: What the 5 major turning points are and where they’re placed in your novel How to know exactly where to start your story and how to set up your premise What the ten key scenes are that serve as the framework for your novel What pinch points are and why you need them How to craft those essential twists and where they’re placed in your story for greatest impact Why your protagonist’s goal is the key to great storytelling Don’t guess what scenes you need in your novel. Don’t guess where your scenes go. Guessing usually leads to novel failure. With the method, you’ll guess no more. You can write terrific novels, every time, if you follow this blueprint! The workshop talk includes slides, movie clips, charts, along with passages from novels, to help you fully understand the content. You’ll be given exercises, along with worksheets to use, to help you brainstorm your turning points and your key scenes. This course lays the foundation for the intuitive layering method outlined in Layer Your Novel: The Innovative Method for Plotting Your Scenes. Once you’ve mastered your ten key scenes, you’ll be ready to brainstorm your second layer of scenes.


Hyatt Regency Embarcadero

5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
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