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March 15, 2018
8:30 pm
19 Broadway Bar & Night Club

We are a bunch of Marin locals - well OK, Sally is a blow-in from Australia but she lives here now. We started playing together early this year and absolutely love what we have! All of us play with other bands...but everybody secretly knows that Koolwhip is the best ...... f Drummer Jim is our beatkeeper and gatemaster.....and when hes not plumbin' hes drummin'! 'Nuff said! He's significant. Bob Reed is on Lead guitar. He's mild mannered in appearance, but get the straight-jacket ready when he solos. He's like the quiet neighbor who keeps to himself. Dangerous. Jeff steers his electric bass through the rock /jazz/bluegrass /surf landscape with masterful purpose and groove, most recently for Pollo Del Mar and as an upright bassist for Rick Hatfield and The Jumpin' Bobcats. Be warned: Jeff's bass riffs will sneak up and knock you sideways....into Todd on keyboards. Don't let that happen - when Todd is not tickling the ivories he is lord of justice and champion of the people and his legal nous is scary-cool. Like his playing. Take a close look at Brian - tonight could be the night he is playing with his Titanium pick. Or is it the coconut husk one? Brian is a maker musician playing rhythm guitar with lots of unexpected twists and turns. Sally makes lots of turns too...whether its off-road rallying, tearing up the dance floor or just turning it up to Eleven for the heck of it. A raspy belter with a heart o gold, Sally will do her utmost to ensure that her Aussie accent doesn't get in the way of a good song.

19 Broadway Bar & Night Club

17 Broadway Blvd, Fairfax, CA

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