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Known to Collapse ••• Bloody Waters ••• Yogurt Brain at Ivy Room

August 12, 2017
9:00 pm
Ivy Room

Known to Collapse Known to Collapse is the stage name for Kevin Lehner's experimental music project. Originally from Alabama, now living in California, Kevin has taken his music in many different directions and locations over the years. With music alternating between laid-back and intense, dreamy and experimental Known to Collapse provides another level of experimentation for singer-songwriting. Bloody Waters DEATH SURF. What was meant to be a lovely day in the sun quickly became quite the contrary. It's snack time in the riptide... Yogurt Brain Yogurt Brain is Jammin' Econo. Yogurt Brain is Hippies because Punks=Hippies. The Yogurt Brain ship is navigated by an Oakland songwriter who thinks Charles Foster Kane is just fantastic. A perfect date with Yogurt Brain includes Copy Centers, Wallace and Gromit, and Suffocation. The most members of the live experience currently equate two - guitar and drums. Self-releasing their own cassettes and LP's for the last 5 years - Yogurt Brain is fiercely and stupidly DIY because everyone else makes their records too damn expensive. Yogurt Brain loves you almost as much as Yogurt Brain loves talking in the 3rd person. $8-10 21+ Doors at 8 P.M. Show at 9 P.M.

Ivy Room

860 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA
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