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Idylls and IDeasyncrasies: Drawings, Prints and Photographs by Stevan Cavalier

February 15, 2018
12:00 pm
Community Art Gallery

Artist's Statement: "Idylls and IDeasyncrasies" is comprised of drawings, prints and photographs. It might be said that the drawings and prints are the result of a compressed, highly focused creative energy and the photographs result from its release. The drawings, in graphite and ink, are dense, lapidary works, rich in figurative content, both aesthetic and psychological. They incorporate flying saucers, strange creatures falling from the heavens, skeletons and other iconography, some of it inspired by the Mexican Dios Muertos. These works borrow from a long tradition of importing such imagery into a contemporary context for ironic effect. The viewer will discover Tuscan villages, Romanesque churches, sentries and prelates on the march, dinghies, docks and bridges, protozoa, kelp forests, constellations garlanded in flowers, and some of your favorite pets facing off with wild beasts. Even the smaller works profit from deliberate, close examination. However, the images are rendered so as to please at a distance as well. There is, the artist hopes, much to smile about! There are four chine collé etched prints which, adding a note of color, display many synchronicities with the drawings. The photographic images were, for the most part, taken locally at shell ridge in the Mt. Diablo foothills. They are rendered so as to enhance their abstract and mysterious qualities. Several are inspired by traditional Asian landscapes, and are printed on delicate, fibrous Kozo (mulberry) paper to accentuate their softness. These are quiet, contemplative works that seem to glow from within."

Viewing during normal Walnut Creek Public Library hours.  

Community Art Gallery

1644 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA

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