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Getaway Dogs // Ivy Meissner // The Cabin Project

June 8, 2017
8:00 pm
Neck of the Woods

$10 advance / $15 tha doar / 21+ 8:30pm: The Cabin Project (Portland, OR) 9:15pm: Ivy Meissner (Brooklyn, NY/Fairfax, CA) 10:15pm: Getaway Dogs (Santa Cruz, CA) Lovelies, Yo let's kick summer off right! This'll be something of a reunion for Kai and Ivy to perform on the same bill, as the 2 have been booking and playing shows together since they were 15 year olds makin sass and singing sad angsty songs in West Marin County- nine years later not much has changed, they'll be showcasing the most recent incarnations of their respective musical projects on June 8th in San Francisk!(o) and Opening are etheral madamoiselle trio out of Portland, The Cabin Project. Bring yer third ears and good vibes. ~Getaway Dogs~ Once dubbed by a friend as "cushy bedroom psychedelic bossanova," Getaway Dogs is the brainchild of Brazilian-American west coast native Kai Killion. With influences ranging from popular Brazilian music to psychedelic rock, folk, soul, hip-hop, jazz, beat poetry and beyond, he project began as a solo effort but quickly evolved into someting of a collective since its conception in 2013. Various musicians of different backgrounds have passed through what Killion refers to as the "revolving door," each lending their own experiences to the projects' unique, malleable sound. After two and a half years of steady work, the band released its debut record, Lost In The Ebb in August 2016, drawing significant attention from industry critics like Magnet Magazine; "Getaway Dogs inhabit their own starry eyed universe, drifting along to the tropical pulsation of big bossanova guitars, shimmering intergalactic keyboards, somnambulant vocals, whispered percussion and buoyant melodies. With a small coterie of like-minded souls, Killion made a record full of dreamy, late-night psychedelia that spins a calm, soothing spell." (J. Poet, Magnet Magazine) ~Ivy Meissner~ "Drenched in various shades of reverb, Meissner's voice shifts from icy nonchalance to cynicism to a torchy but inscrutable menace. That ominousness appears on the horizon with the first echoey, psychedelic layers of guitars and Meisner's cool, but defiantly direct vocals as the bass rises to punctuate the sudden crescendos in the album's title track, a vividly heat-drenched nocturne. Cubillos' masterful, majestically sweeping production completes the picture. Forget Lana Del Ray - this is the real LA noir. It's seldom that a singer this individualistic has such a great band behind her, or that a band this good gets to back a leader who gives them so much first-class material to sink their teeth into."(New York Music Daily) ~The Cabin Project~ "Like their name suggests, the band's sound is reminiscent of the kind of intimate space created by artists like Bon Iver. The group uses traditional orchestral and choral methods to create a track that is inexplicably modern, heavy, and pop at the same time." (American Songwriter)

Neck of the Woods

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