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Gallery Route One exhibitions: Zea Morvitz, Lucid Arts, and Mary Mountcastle Eubank

April 22, 2017
11:00 am
Gallery Route One

Zea Morvitz: Rising to the Surface, Works on Paper Lucid Art Residency Annual Exhibition Mary Mountcastle Eubank: Bookshelves, Mixed Media Sculptures April 7 - May 14, 2017 Opening Saturday, April 8th 3 – 5PM Artists’ Talk 2:30PM before the reception with Zea Morvitz and Mary Mountcastle Eubank Salon: Sunday, May 14 th, 4- 5 Zea Morvitz: Rising to the Surface, Works on Paper Drawings and other works on paper The artist began her new series of large-scale drawings during a residency in Ireland. In 2016 Morvitz visited a dozen Neolithic monuments on the West Coast of Ireland and made rubbings at each site. She captured rough stone surface textures using graphite crayon on paper laid against the ancient stones. (Irish megaliths were constructed 4 to 5,000 years ago.) Later the artist made rubbings at granite outcroppings in the Sierras. In the studio, Morvitz draws into the rubbings with ballpoint pen creating densely inked images that rise to the surface among the random graphite marks created through the rubbing process. The exhibition at Gallery Route One also includes artist books, small notebook drawings and a 24' long accordion book made in collaboration with Canadian artist Joyce Majiski. For several years Zea Morvitz has been exploring the interaction of drawing with images taken from accidental or found surfaces. She photographs old or ruined buildings, pavements, objects covered in peeling paint, faded graffiti, altered by accidents, weather or neglect. In the forest near her home in Inverness, California, the artist also captures images of growth, weathering and decay. Morvitz alters and prints these "found images," then draws into them with ballpoint pen, collaging in notebook drawings and paper scraps with occasional washes of watercolor and ink. Zea Morvitz grew up In Baltimore, received a BA in Philosophy from Wellesley College, and studied art in New York before moving to San Francisco. She received an MA in painting from the University of California, Berkeley, studying with Elmer Bischoff. She currently lives in Inverness, California with her husband, artist Tim Graveson. Both she and Graveson are artist members of Gallery Route One. Zea Morvitz's artwork has been exhibited in North America, Europe and Asia. The Lucid Art Residency Annual Exhibition is a group show of 9 artists from the Lucid Art Residency Program 2016. List of Participants: Glenn Carter, Michele Foyer, Tina Hejtmanek, Einat Imber, Elizabeth Kellas, Marya Krogstad, Victoria May, Carolin Rechberg, Zhiyuan Wang This annual group exhibition of abstract and eco-art work is inspired by the space and place of its residency program located in Inverness. The Lucid Art Foundation encouraged the artists to explore contemplative nonfigurative work. These artists have travelled here from New York, Germany, China and California and have incorporated printmaking, photography, automatism, multi-media, conceptual, and interdisciplinary approaches to this exciting exhibition. Participating artists are listed below. The goal of the Lucid Art Residency is to provide emerging and established artists a serene, retreat-like environment for an inquiry into the arts and consciousness, the heart of the Foundation’s vision and mission. The Lucid Art Residency provides living quarters, studio space and access to the Foundation’s extensive library for three weeks to 9 artists per year. During the residency, a prominent artist/educator dialogues with the artist offering feedback on the ideas explored and the work created. The Lucid Art Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Private Operating Foundation co-founded in the fall of 1998 by Robert Anthoine, Fariba Bogzaran, and Gordon Onslow Ford was created to explore the phenomena of the inner worlds and deep levels of consciousness through the visual arts, exhibitions and publications. The Lucid Art Foundation offers programs such as the artist’s Residency and Seminars to support artists and initiates projects that educate and support the exploration of inner worlds furthering the concepts of Lucid Art. Mary Mountcastle Eubank: Bookshelves Includes mixed media sculptures of found wood and old books that address the interactions between nature and culture. An installation piece called “It Happened Here” refers back to the 1998 Loma Prieta earthquake but also has relevancy in our present political environment. Other pieces use a variety of materials, including found wood, rice paper, silk fabric and altered books. Using mixed media, the artist creates a subtle conversation between books as objects, their contents, and the natural environment. Eubank is an artist who has lived and worked in West Marin for over 43 years. Although primarily a painter, she also has a background in printmaking, paper making and assemblage. She has taught art and organized and participated in Miz Maze Theatre, a collaborative performance group. Gallery Route One, 11101 Highway One, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956, 415. 663.1347, Gallery Route One is open 11 -5 everyday. Closed Tuesday

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