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Eliza Shefler, Tureeda Mikell, and Susan Newman perform

July 14, 2017
7:00 pm
Nefeli Caffe

Eliza Shefler, Tureeda Mikell, and Susan Newman will perform at 7 pm on Friday, July 14th, at Nefeli Caffe, 1854 Euclid Avenue, a little north of Hearst, in Berkeley, as part of the Last Word Reading Series. Cafe phone is 510-841-6374. There is also an open reading.  Eliza Shefler is a singer/songwriter/pianist/artist, and likes to mix things up to see what new things happen when she does. A few years ago, she illustrated a book of poems and short stories by Avotcja Jiltonilro, called "With Every Step I Take"; when in art school in the mid to late '70's, she wrote, illustrated, typeset, printed and bound 2 original books. In the '80's, she turned more to jazz, starting to learn jazz piano. She met Susan Newman in 1989, in a voice/bass workshop, then with her joined a women's group of composers and songwriters called M.O.S.A.I.C. (meeting of songwriters and idiosyncratic composers)founded by the late Nicole Milner.  Hearing Nicole and Susan improvising together, with Nicole playing piano, and Susan singing, she was inspired to try her hand at free improv, and started improvising with Susan, and then switching roles to improvise singing poetry with Nicole. One of Eliza's favorite subjects for writing poetry and songs is finding the mythic truths that lie behind everyday reality. Susan Newman sings poetry, improvising the melodies, weaving an ever-changing tapestry with instrumentalists who are also improvising. She says: “ I have come to think of improvisation as a spiritual path.  In complex conversations we musicians are creating a unique, ephemeral musical experience that exists only in the moment and can’t be replicated.  We are required to be fully present, to open our ears and hearts to each other and to the meaning of the wonderful poems.” Tureda Mikell (ToReadah), Story Medicine Woman, pinned an “Activist for holism” and “a WARRIOR hell bent on asserting LIFE!”, has published well over 60 student anthologies for at-risk and incarcerated youth elementary through high school in the greater Bay Area.   She is a poet, song writer, sacred dancer, and QiGong energy therapist of well over 30 years.  Tureda, a Panther, George Jackson Free Health Clinic worker, writer, investigative reporter, and featured teller for the National Association of Black Storytellers, was nominated storyteller for the Pacific Rim. She is published nationally and internationally in numerous books, journals, and webpages; radio, newspaper interviews, published in, Company of Prophets. Black Psychics Healers & Visionaries in the USA. The Last Word Reading Series is presented by Nefeli Caffe, a cafe/restaurant that serves dinners, tapas, coffee drinks, beer, wine, and more in a beautiful and colorful atmosphere. Dinner here is wonderful and should not be missed. Admission is free.  

1854 Euclid Ave, Berkeley

Nefeli Caffe

1854 Euclid Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709, United States
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