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El Radio Fantastique

May 20, 2017
9:00 pm
19 Broadway Bar & Night Club

Led by its creator, the charismatic singer, songwriter, dumpster diver and one-time gravedigger Giovanni DiMorente, EL Radio Fantastique is a collection of talented and electrifying musician-performers from the small farming community of Point Reyes Station, California. "El Radio Fantastique started from a personal family narrative handed down to me and told with great conviction by my great uncles and great grandfather" DiMorente says. "The mere re-telling of their first-hand experiences with it would put them in great psychological turmoil." Their accounts chronicled the chaos brought about by an old found radio that reportedly possessed and haunted its listeners. "As if through some auditory telekinesis, this radio would play the most beautiful music from the past, present and future, yet over time would slowly and methodically drive the listener mad." Years later, upon serving as pallbearer for these relatives' funerals, the young DiMorente took to frequent isolation in the woods. A lonely teenager having a predisposition for daytime hallucinations and heavily influenced by a 40's crooner father and punk rock, he started to feel the sinister coaxing of faint transmissions bleeding through from his dream world. "In later years, the radio legend became much more benevolent and controllable. When I finally got to the point where I could take the reins of the story and direct it, I started a band based on the tale.

19 Broadway Bar & Night Club

17 Broadway Blvd, Fairfax, CA
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