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DisHonesty: The Truth About Lies

March 22, 2017
7:00 pm
Center for Jewish Peoplehood

ABOUT (DIS)HONESTY "Lying is the most simple form of self-defense." -Susan Sontag "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." -Winston Churchill "History is a set of lies agreed upon." -Napoleon Bonaparte From plagiarism, to infidelity, to financial fraud, dishonesty seems to be a universal part of the world we live in. Going far beyond scandalous headlines, cheating isn't just happening on a newsworthy scale, it's happening in small ways everywhere. It's human nature to lie, we all do it! But little fibs can snowball into large-scale problems with major implications for society. The (Dis)Honesty Project explores the groundbreaking research of Israeli behavioral scientist and NY Times bestselling author Dan Ariely on the human tendency to lie, in an effort to create a safe space where we can explore the complicated truth(s) of the matter. The project initiatives include a documentary feature film written, directed and produced by Yael Melamede; The Truth Box, a travelling installation that invites people to share the truth about a lie; and an online forum to explore the issues surrounding (dis)honesty. Cost: $12 Public $10 Members Kids 17 & Under are FREE To buy tickets, call 415-444-800 ABOUT THE PROGRAM The Osher Marin JCC will present a screening of the film, Wednesday, March 22 at 7pm, and several opportunities to participate in The Truth Box, a traveling story booth that invites participants to share, on-camera, the truth about a lie they have told. Excerpts and stories recorded in The Truth Box will be shared on the project website, social media platforms, and be used for educational purposes. The film is appropriate for kids age 12 and over.

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