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Cyanotype Process: Printing Blue and Beyond

October 13, 2017
12:00 am
The Image Flow

October 13 – 15 Weekend Workshop Learn how to maximize the modern cyanotype process to move beyond basic blue, with Max Kellenberger and Niniane Kelley. Learn to create beautiful prints with deeper blues and a longer tonal range using the modern cyanotype process in this hands-on workshop that was recently named one of 2016’s most inspiring photo workshops by Photoshelter. But—cyanotype process prints can also be so much more than just plain blue! We will also experiment with different methods of toning and bleaching, techniques which allow you to alter the color and mood of your final print. The cyanotype process is relatively non-toxic (although rather messy so wearing old clothing is recommended), and printing techniques can be carried out in normal ambient light, which makes this printing technique ideal for a home workshop or studio. Since this is a contact printing process, a negative the size of the final print is required. We will cover a simple method to make enlarged negatives from digital files that students will then print in class. Or, if you would like to experiment with making camera-less images, simply bring in objects to place on top of your cyanotype paper. Arches Platine paper will be provided for printing, however, we encourage you to bring in other papers—or even fabrics—to print on if you would like. Learn More:


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