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Conquer Coding Challenges with Codewars

August 22, 2017
6:30 pm

Want to learn to effective problem-solving skills for coding challenges? The best way to do that is to practice, then practice, then refactor your code. And then practice some more. One the best tools for leveling up your problem-solving in any language is Codewars. Come sharpen your skills with a dedicated group of beginning/intermediate coders and work on classic Codewars kata (6,7,8 kyu). Here’s how the night will work: - Breakout problem-solving session: Everyone will be divided into teams of two or three. You and your teammate will solve a preselected Codewars problem together. - Solution Review: Everyone comes together and we’ll review all found solutions. - Compare & Refactor: We’ll look at all of the elegant solutions to the problem submitted by more advanced coders in the larger Codewars community. This is one of the best ways to learn how to solve future problems more efficiently. Who is this meetup for? - Anyone with a fundamental knowledge of a programming language. Our plan is to do the code reviews in JavaScript - but we’re happy to accommodate if you’re working in Ruby or Python. - If you’re just starting out and know you need more practice before coming to this meetup, send us a message and we’ll send you some good resources to help you prepare. The best way to see if you’re ready is to sign up for Codewars. - This is a great meetup for people applying to bootcamps or other programs that require problem-solving as a part of their interview process. Important Information: - Please sign up to reserve your seat. If you do not do this, we cannot guarantee you a spot! Thank you in advance :) - Doors open @ 6:15pm. Lecture will start around 6:30pm. Come early, get signed in, grab a good seat and shmooze for a bit. - Bring your laptop! The workshop will be a combination of lecturing and programming. - If you want to sharpen your skills or review a few programming topics before the meetup, go ahead and use Rithm's Free Online Courses to prepare. If you have any questions or concerns prior to this meetup, please reach out to the Rithm Team by emailing


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