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ComTech Forum: Getting More from Less with Microservices

September 19, 2017
8:30 am

The ComTech Forum meets this month with 75 members, telcos, vendors and startups to discuss the opportunities of Microservices in network applications, agility, and risk management. These Deep Dive meetings are short, packed, interactive discussions with top-notch networking. ABOUT THE MEETING TOPIC Microservices, along with Containers, and Virtualization, are an important part of the Network Operator's Digital Transformation. The world of Enterprise IT keeps delivering innovations that other sectors can use. And when massive IT groups like Google, Facebook, and Amazon discover innovations, because of the proven scalability, these innovations are often useful in Telecommunications. Microservices is one of these technologies. And although Microservices have proven very powerful in the largest IT operations, their power comes from not from being large, but from being small. Unlike conventional big and monolithic telecom architectures, a Microservices methodology would have the monolith broken up into multiple smaller services, linked chained together through clearly defined open APIs. Like a puzzle broken into pieces, these Microservices, at least initially, will represent the same Applications and OSS functionality found in the legacy architecture, but in smaller, more manageable pieces. Improvements, fixes, or enhancements can be made to each Microservice independently of the legacy monolith. We'll consider the impacts of: Easier to scale individually, Easier to maintain, update, or upgrade, Easier to launch new ones, Less likely to cause catastrophic failure upon code launches, Requires fewer human resources and BUs to coordinate on projects Join us as we look at the subject of Microservices and meet with innovative companies providing fresh ideas and technology which address this part of digital transformation. Presented by Telecom Council of Silicon Valley



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