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Cocktail Class Series | Evolution of The American Cocktail

August 29, 2017
7:00 pm

Our hands-on cocktail classes are BACK for a 2017 season—this time, with a special series on the history of the American cocktail, curated by Bar Manager Cali Gold. Beretta—the Mission District pioneer of the craft cocktail movement—will drop all the cocktail knowledge in a three-part class series this summer. Join us this June, July and August for our much-anticipated 2017 class schedule. Pro tip: classes are best enjoyed in threes. ;) See below to learn about what the series will cover. EVOLUTION OF THE AMERICAN COCKTAIL Ever wonder why we drink the way we drink? Ever wonder what our great-great-grand folks were drinking? In this three-part series of cocktail classes, Beretta’s in-house cocktail historian, Bar Manager Cali Gold, will explore three vastly different periods of American cocktail culture. Each class will be equal parts discussion and hands-on cocktail construction, and will include bites. There may also be some prizes and surprises along the way. Join us this summer for some education, fun and, most importantly, drinking! Tuesday, June 27 PART I: The Shepard Act (Pre-prohibition) Before there was even a word for "cocktail," people still had to drink something. In this initial class, we’ll be diving into both the history and demonstration of the cocktail’s predecessor: punch. We’ll also discuss the origin of the original cocktail--the old-fashioned (and maybe a little info on why it’s called that). Lastly, we’ll delve into the martini. One of the most important cocktails of the 20th century, the martini has possibly the most interesting evolution of them all. Tuesday, July 25 PART II: Suffragettes and the 19th Amendment (Prohibition--The Great, Failed Experiment) The sexy Gatsby-era. Flappers. Roaring 20s. This is a somewhat glossed over version of what really happened in America between 1920 and 1933. But it wasn’t just prohibition that radically changed the way we drank during this time. What was happening in the rest of the world, say I don’t know, WWI maybe, was also shaping a new generation as well. Speakeasies, bathtub gin, smuggling booze across the border will be just some of the detail we dive into in this edition. Cocktails will include a Gin Rickey, a French 75 and a Manhattan. Tuesday, August 29 PART III: The 21st Amendement (The Aftermath) Post-war, post prohibition aftermath. How we began to rebuild a nation, as well as, how we started drinking when the rest of the country started up on TV dinners and powdered packaged mixes. Dale Degroff and the Cosmo, the great cocktail renaissance starting with Milk and Honey, Bourbon and Branch, and of course Beretta. Now not only does every rural town in America have a cocktail bar they also have their own riff on a Last Word, a long-since forgotten cocktail that was brought back to life. Cocktails will include a Dale Degroff-style Cosmo, a Vodka Pres, and a Lil’ Guiseppe. #BerettaCocktailClasses



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