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Blood and Silk - a workshop production of a new musical 

August 28, 2017
7:30 pm
Dragon Theatre

Monday, August 28: Blood and Silk - a workshop production of a new musical  In the land of Alterra, a curse has been placed upon the royal family of Ravenswood. Doomed to spend the rest of his life alone, Prince Alexiel guards nothing but his vacant castle and precious roses, and he finds loneliness to be his only true companion. Circelae Alverdine is a young man thirsting for adventure and looking for his place in life. Longing for his own knight in shining armor, he soon finds adventure in Alterra, and with that, much more than he ever possibly dreamed of. Adapted by the author of the beloved book, Jeffrey L. Love has created stunning orchestrations and a story that is lifted up by the lyrics written by the talented Jo Kiech. The classic story of Beauty and The Beast is showcased in a new light, and asks, what really is love? Is it as fragile as a rose? Join Alexiel and Circelae as they find out what love really is.    Cast: Alexiel de Ravenswood - Jeffrey L. Love Circelae Alverdine - Logan Hehn Little Alexiel/Kitchen Boy/Danny - Marcus Nocerino King Orasmyn/Gardener/Charles - Don Hardwick Queen Blodwyn/Svetlana - Nicole Thordsen  Gervase Bexlemoore - Alexei Ryan Frytania Normandir/Vargulf - Diamond Rose Anthony de Gisborn - Jamar-Glen Bajala Annaliese/Gabriella - Devin Wieser Claudia/Sir Thomas/Vargulf - April Jessica Garro August de Gisborn/Sentry - Cordell Wesselink Scribe/Raconteur - Rebecca Simmons Doors open at 7p; show starts at 7:30p. This event is pay what you will in cash at the door. The concessions bar will be open with snacks and drinks to purchase to enjoy during the show.  

Dragon Theatre

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