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Artist Mixer: Crochet Jam at the Tenderloin Museum

March 1, 2018
6:00 pm
Tenderloin Museum

Join ArtSpan to meet fellow artists and contribute to a large-scale collaborative crochet project at the Tenderloin Museum! This interactive art activity is presented by ArtSpan Artist Ramekon O'Arwisters. His Crochet Jams engage the public to think differently about the role of art within community and the power of art within society. Crochet Jam, a public, art-making event that's embracing and inclusive, with no attempt made to dictate the creative process nor judge the finished project, is liberating, empowering, transcending and FUN! About Ramekon O'Arwisters: I bring strips of fabric, and attendees can bring their own fabric. I teach single-stitch crochet at the beginning of each event. This is the simplest form of crocheting. I want a very short learning curve. I only know this one stitch and I don't care about technique. I'm a social-practice artist, not a crochet artist. Once I have taught the stitch I take a backseat and the participants start crocheting using wooden crochet hooks. There are no patterns, no rules, it's all free-form. Letting go of rules is important to the project. Participants are not being told what to do by me and I don't pass any judgement. If someone asks me how it looks I just say, "How does it feel?" Because it doesn't really need to look good and they don't need me to validate their creativity. Because there are no expectations and no rules, people relax and are much calmer. They interact with people they normally wouldn't interact with, which is important. We need to be much more caring about our neighbors as a society. About ArtSpan Artist Mixers: ArtSpan produces Artist Mixer events throughout the year to give San Francisco artists a chance to meet, mingle, and make art with each other. Past events have included mixers at artist studios, a Crochet Jam at a cafe, a literary reading and sketchfest at a gallery, a figure drawing session in the Dogpatch, and much much more! All events are free and open to the public. About Tenderloin Museum: The Tenderloin Museum celebrates the rich history of one of San Francisco's most overlooked neighborhoods. Through history exhibitions, resident-led walking tours, community programs, and the presentation of original artwork, the Tenderloin Museum invites all comers to learn about the roots of our dynamic neighborhood, and reclaim our city's past and future. The 31 blocks of the Tenderloin District are a microcosm of San Francisco, peopled by immigrants and iconoclasts, artists and activists, sinners and saints. All are welcome to join us in telling its story.

Tenderloin Museum

398 Eddy St, San Francisco, CA

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