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Al Otro Lado (To the Other Side)

August 26, 2017
6:00 pm
Roxie Theater

An aspiring corrido composer from the drug capital of Mexico faces two choices to better his life: to traffic drugs or to cross the border illegally into the United States. From Sinaloa, Mexico to the streets of South Central and East L.A., "Al Otro Lado" explores the world of drug smuggling, illegal immigration and the corrido music that chronicles it all. Featuring LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE, CHALINO SANCHEZ, JENNI RIVERA, JESSIE MORALES (EL ORIGINAL DE LA SIERRA). From a small fishing village on the Sea of Cortez, Magdiel is a 23-year-old composer who writes songs about the fishermen who have turned their pangas (fishing boats) into drug trafficking vessels. The economic crisis in the fishing industry forces Magdiel, a fourth generation fisherman, to seek another way of life. His two choices: to traffic drugs to the "gringos" in his fishing boat or to leave his hometown behind and become another of an estimated 10 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.* When Magdiel meets a coyote (illegal border crossing guide) who agrees to cross him for free in exchange for a corrido song praising the adventures of the coyote himself, Magdiel begins composing and prepares for the journey. Al Otro Lado begins in Sinaloa, the drug capital of Mexico and birthplace of Los Tigres del Norte and Chalino Sanchez, two of the most famous corrido musicians. From the Sierra Mountains where opium and marijuana grow in abundance, down to the Sea of Cortez, where contraband is trafficked north in fishing boats, we look at the economic crisis that forces so many like Magdiel to turn to drug trafficking, or to risk their lives crossing the border illegally into the United States. Through the regional corrido music that takes its roots from medieval ballads and has the edgy grit of gangsta rap, we travel from Sinaloa north across the border to the streets of South Central and East L.A., the same journey taken by millions of illegal immigrants, tons of narcotics and even corrido music. A documentary film by Natalia Almada. 66min. 2005. HD Digital. In Spanish with English subtitles. -- YOU MAY ALSO LIKE TO SEE: Les Blank's Chulas Fronteras in 16mm playing at 8pm also on Saturday, August 26. Admission for Chulas Fronteras ($11GA/$8 senior) is separate. However, we are offering a limited amount of passes for both for $15. Get them now: A complex, insightful look at the Chicano experience as mirrored in the lives and music of the most acclaimed Norteno musicians of the Texas-Mexican border, including Flaco Jimenez and Lydia Mendoza. This film was selected by The Library Of Congress to be added to the National Film Registry list, of the 400 motion pictures to be preserved in perpetuity. Conceived, Produced by Chris Strachwitz. Photographed, Edited by Les Blank. 1976, 58 mins, Color, 16mm. About FRONTERA! The US-Mexico border: a unique stretch of land south of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and north of Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas dividing the two countries. I say Rio Grande, you say Rio Bravo. Made aqui y alla, new and old, FRONTERA! is an ongoing series of narrative and documentary films that describe this peculiar area of the world in realistic, imaginary, troubled and playful forms. FREE OR DISCOUNTED FOR MEMBERS

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