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7th Annual Albany FilmFest: Shorts! All-Dday Screening

March 26, 2017
10:00 am
Landmark Albany Twin Theatre

Friendly, fun, and always something new: six diverse shows of global, national, and hyperlocal independent short films and filmmaker panels. An eclectic mix of documentary, drama, and animation. Show 1: On the Road – Highlights include a multi-award-winning experimental film from Portugal, a French rideshare driver with a complicated backstory, the animated tale of a monster’s road trip, a documentary about a group of aging gold miners in Northern California. Show 2: From the Heart - Highlights include an unlikely on-set romance, a moody drama atop a Tokyo highrise, a compelling documentary about forced adoption, an Academy-Award-nominated short animation about a girl and her dad. Show 3: Staying Alive Highlights include a fisherman’s harrowing true story of surviving the tsunami in Banda Aceh, a haunting experimental documentary about the Karen people of Burma, child sex trafficking on International Blvd., a gentle comedy about a comedian and his Weimaraners, inside the locker room conversation as the Berkeley High football team decides whether or not to take a knee. Show 4: Think Pink! Bay Area Women Directors Talk Filmmaking Films include Cameo Wood’s REAL ARTISTS (a sci-fi short about AI and the future of film, screened at Cannes), Cheryl Isaacson’s THE FETCH, about one mother’s (Kathleen Wilhoite, Gilmore Girls) plan to eliminate a sexual predator in a community ruled by water scarcity, and Kristine Stolakis’s WHERE WE STAND, a BAFTA-nominated documentary about a group of Morman feminists fighting for ordination. Show 5: Life on Earth Highlights include a rare and beautiful inside look at the Compton/South Central, Los Angeles born-dance movement Krumping, a documentary about a San Francisco-born son of immigrants whose dreams lead him to become a doctor and a sushi chef, the life of a small-scale fisherman in British Columbia who struggles to survive by instilling transparency into a broken food system. Show 6: It Came from Albany – Narrative dramas (an end-of life struggle between family members, a quirky film about young man who unexpectedly must confront life through the barrel of a BB gun), two trips across the Bay Bridge and a visit to the Albany Bulb, and a wide variety of animated shorts (including a cat’s visit to the Solano Stroll) showcase the talents of working professionals, amateur videographers, and first time filmmakers of all ages with one thing in common: Albany!


Landmark Albany Twin Theatre

1115 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706, USA
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