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Aloha Amore - The Maui Rejuvenation Retreat

April 15, 2018
6:30 am

If your life isn’t working the way you want, if you are drowning in to-dos, feeling overwhelmed and constantly pressured by your own busyness; if you feel you are no longer in control of your time, or even worse of your mind and if your body is responding gaining uncontrolled weight and feeling heavy – then it is time to invest in YOUR time and in YOURSELF. Join Yogando Retreats and yoga teacher Tommy Mack for a clarity retreat and a once in a life time adventure.

Our Retreat is for spiritual people, looking to immerse themselves in a beautiful, sacred environment to nurture their bodies and souls. It is designed for those who seek spiritual growth, connection with like minds and out-of-the-ordinary spiritual experiences that are deeply healing. You will be taken on a fun, nurturing, exciting and upscale journey for 6 days of spiritual and physical rejuvenation

April 15-21st, 2018, in Maui, Hawaii.

Maui is the perfect sacred environment, where the opportunity for creating clarity, for listening and learning about yourself is possible. From the moment you step off the plane, Maui will embrace you and invite you to let go and leave the everyday world behind. You will spend 6 nights at Lumeria Maui, a five star resort focused on yoga, well-being, education and self-care.

Have you longed wanted to wake up not by the alarm clock but by the rhythm of a happy nature? We will do! We will wake up every day by the sound of the animals and the smell of the surrounding forest, and the call of our yoga energy. You will be amazed how energizedyou will feel, and you will notice that you will be up spontaneously even before the sun is up!

Have you often wanted to practice yoga early in the morning, but your yoga studio would not offer classes that match your time, or your basement is just too dull and sad for your home practice? Our daily yoga practice is studied around you, and it will be so personalized, with a teacher dedicated to you and your small group, that you will deepen your yoga knowledge and asana practice.

Have you often wanted to allow yourself some silent YOU time, not having to rush to work, getting your kids prepped up for school, having to scream your daily mantra We are late, hurry up, eat, clean your teeth, school bus is coming! No worries, there will be no freeway, no rush hour, no traffic jam, no kids, no school schedule. We will salute the sun in the silence of a private yoga shala, overlooking the ocean, or in a private yard surrounded by the sacred energy coming from the incredible surroundings, overlooked by a Buddha and a meditation labyrinth. Plus, we will salute the sun on the top pf a Volcano!

Have you struggled in finding time to cook yourself a proper lunch, do you eat at your desk or do you snack an energy bar while juggling priorities in and out of meetings? Forget all this. At Lumeria we will carve out plenty of time to have mindful yoga meals. We will eat delicious organic food, picked from the Lumeria garden. We will let Lumeria’s staff spoil us and indulge our palate into exotic flavors respecting all types of food dietetic needs, whether vegetarian, vegan, dairy free or gluten free.

Do you always question yourself about having affinity with your friends, about really being on the same page and having the same needs? During our retreat, you will create a unique bond with mind-alike people. They will become your yoga family and this relationship will last long-term.

Last but not least, have you always wanted to participate in a cooking class, even better if led from an authentic Italian chef, blogger and books writer, but you have never had the chance to? Yogando Retreats’ staff is authentic Italian and we want to give an Italian twist to all our retreats. Or friend Rosa Mariotti, moved out of Italy and gained a huge culinary experience by being able to adapt to the local environment still preserving that Italian food tradition that makes her job a real passion for life. She will shop at the local market and she will teach us how to cook an amazing dinner, and while she will entertain us with some aperitivo and bollicine, we will learn, laugh and eat. Along with this special meal, this class will impart the wisdom of food and the pleasure of eating.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in your stay. No need to worry for lunch even if you are spending a day at the beach or surfing the Hawaiian waves. Lumeria will pack lunch for us!

Lumeria Hotel, Maui – Hawaii



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