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#HappinessChallenge - Happiness around Happiness within

January 20, 2019
8:00 am

JKYog is bringing this wonderful online 21 Day Challenge as a new year gift absolutely FREE. Happiness is a state of mind. It arises from a conscious attempt to generate and hold the right stream of thoughts and corresponding emotions. Life throws both positive and negative situations to us. If we let our emotions rise and fall with circumstances, we will continue to be victims of those circumstances. However, the truth is we always have the power to choose how we feel. We can choose to be our own sunshine even in difficult times. These videos will be launched on YouTube (Swami Mukundananda) channel. Subscribe to Swami Mukundananda YouTube channel to access these sessions. Like us on FB event page and join Whatsapp group to get latest updates on this challenge. For details and FREE sign up for #HappinessChallenge, click Join Whatsapp: Join Facebook: YouTube: Share the happiness with your dear and loved ones by inviting them to participate in this challenge


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